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Mission Statement: Evolution Arts Inc. is committed to empowering the futures of underserved girls and women, especially within underserved BIPOC communities, through technology and the arts. Our mission is to provide access to resources, education, and opportunities that foster personal growth, career development, and artistic expression.


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At Evolution Arts Inc., we believe in a future where every individual can craft their destiny. Whether you’re pursuing a career, entrepreneurship, or personal mastery, our programs are tailored to your journey.

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Programs & Memberships

Join a program at Evolution Arts Inc. and step into a world where you’re not just learning – you’re evolving. Whether it’s shaping your career or crafting your destiny, we’re here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Z Code™ Program

Harness the power of technology with hands-on coding and cloud computing skills.

Membership Benefits

Levels: Gold/Silver/Bronze

Access to coding resources, dev/op environments, virtual training, coding challenges with awards, cloud space.

To The Pointe Collective™

Blend art with fitness, offering dance training and health-focused activities.

Membership Benefits

Levels: Gold/Silver/Bronze

Free fitness classes, discounts on dance gear, performance discounts.

Couture Ladies™

A comprehensive program focusing on etiquette, language, and personal development.

Membership Benefits

Levels: Gold/Silver/Bronze

Monthly life/business coaching (1-on-1 for Gold, group for Silver, online resources for Bronze).

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